Little changes add up

I had been working on an illustration for my weekly post at the PBJ’s. I really liked how it was coming along, so I started compiling ideas of ways to improve the picture. I implemented these changes and I think they have really improved the piece aesthetically as well as from a narrative standpoint. I’d love to hear what you think!

Version 1

Revised version


T2 Website Update

Check out these updates that just went live on our site:

Color me studied…

Lately, I’ve had color studies on the brain. In the long run, I know that doing them before setting to work on a piece is a necessary step to take, especially when working in traditional media. But I always worry that over-thinking a piece, (which includes over-thinking the color study) leeches life and energy from my work. As a safe compromise, what I usually end up doing is just one quick color study, before setting to work. This can often tell me just as much about where I don’t want to go with the color, as where I do want to go with it.

One quick scribble can inform a lot. In terms of the color study part of the process, I don’t generally over-think them, because they’re not my favorite part. Quick color studies are, for me, like ‘eating your vegetables’ (although in real life, I do like vegetables… but the equivalent as a figure of speech!) I enjoy the immediacy of choosing colors on-the-fly, the thrill of having to ‘make it work’ if I need to quickly switch gears and revise a color choice that may not be working with the rest of the piece. Fun stuff! That is part of what I love about being an artist — that immediacy, the unknown, the ‘make it work’ aspect (sometimes against all odds)! But that’s the “color-rebel thrill-seeker” in me talking, and these days, that ‘thrill-seeker color rebel” only comes out to play when I’m working on non-client work. So, I still like to walk the tightrope, but I don’t do it without a net!

At the end of the day, one 5-minute color study can save hours of illustration “first aid”!

T2 Artists in the Blogosphere

Hello, everyone! The T2 artists have been great colleagues, and I’ve enjoyed being a part of this “team.”

This is set to be a great blog, and I can’t wait to see what you fellow artists have to say – check out some of the T2 artists that are already blogging:

Great stuff!

T2 artists: If I’ve missed your link, send it in and I’ll add you to the list!