“I’m Not Too Little to Help the Earth,” Illustrated by Natalia Vasquez

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Title: I’m Not too Little to help the Earth
Author: W.Y Taylor
Illustrated: Natalia Vasquez

Ages/Grades: K-1 (5-6 Years old)

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This is a short book for a kindergarten and first grader to read to learn about some things and actions that they can do to contribute to the improvement of the world. Kids in this grade (Kindergarten & 1st grade) sometimes see themselves as “little people” that are not as important because they do not drive a car or can speak with a firm voice. They look up to adults who are able to make a difference and role model after them. This book shows that their actions can help the earth too. The book mentions simple things like turning off the light before leaving a room, using two sides of the paper to color and draw, not always having to ask parents to buy the newest toys. This is helping them to become more independent, more mature, and more responsible for themselves as well as taking care of the earth. Recycling is mentioned several times in this short story book and they can even start to recycle. We sometimes overlook children as followers but if we show them what they can do to help out and they see it to as a result, they can soon be leaders; leading other children to do the same thing. This book doesn’t just show how children can be proactive, the kids (characters) in this book are being proactive by saving the earth one action at a time.

SJE: This book is the 6th social justice element. The children in the book do not want the world and earth to go “bad” because of all the wasting of water, paper, and electricity, so they do something about it. They put their desire into action. They turned off the water while brushing their teeth, they use two sides of the paper, and they turned off the lights before leaving the room (being proactive and putting their action to work, showing to others what they are doing so it can be spread).

Activity: After reading this book, you can discuss some ideas and make a GOALS LIST on what the kids can do at home to improve the earth. They can spread the word of recycling and conserving energy to their parents, friends, siblings, etc. By the end of the week, they can see if they can finish and complete the GOALS LIST. Also, you can introduce recycling to them and have a recycling race. Have a bunch of recycleables spread out and mixed up on the ground and they have to have a race on who can fill up the different recycleable cans the fastest (paper, glass, cans, etc)

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