First color proofs

Over the past year, I’ve mistakenly referred to Corrine Naden’s and my book, Ron’s Big Mission, as Ron’s Mission, Little Ron’s Big Mission, and Little Ron on a Big Mission. It’s not entirely my fault because the title did change several times.

But to make matters worse, until recently, I’d also posted that the book would publish with Dial. And to make matters worse than that, I addressed emails to my editor as Ron. His name is Steve. He was patient with me.

I’ve got it straight now. The book that I illustrated is called Ron’s Big Mission. It’s edited by Steve. And it will publish with Dutton later this year . . . um, I think. Possibly early next.

Anyway, I received 1st color proofs and they look great! Dutton did a fantastic job. I’d used a rougher than normal watercolor paper, so I was worried about the reproduction. My 140-pound watercolor paper turned out to be 300-pound extra rough, but I didn’t realize it until half way through the project. I continued to paint, and I just hoped everything would turn out OK.

I have no idea what kind of scanning process Dutton used, but the rough paper texture is gone. I couldn’t be happier.


About Don Tate
Don Tate is the award-winning illustrator and author of more than 45 trade and educational books for children.

3 Responses to First color proofs

  1. nataliavasquez says:

    hi don, your work is really amazing! i was surfing on your website and you have a really interesting artwork!:) Congrat!!!

  2. Don says:

    Thanks Natalia!

  3. kathy weller says:

    Amazing work. The book looks wonderful!! BIG congratulations to you!!!!

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