A Note

Hi.  I’ve had several emails come in referencing my recent post entitled, “Something For Your Pocket?” (June) 


One comment in particular seemed to be the catalyst:


“…the Publisher I was speaking with went on about how it would take innovation and creativity on behalf of the book publishers to look for and create books that ‘make sense’ in the current market.  Books, perhaps, that could work on many different levels – interfacing with web platforms and social networks, for instance.  And, yes, these sorts of books just might call for an illustrator(s) that have experience in all areas of this ‘interface.’  Illustrators for these concepts are likely to require not only digital submissions but vector art creation, basic knowledge of web development, animation, etc.  Are you all ready for that?”


Me again. 


The emails I received were in sharp response to this suggestion. 


“What does that mean for me, children’s book illustrator with no digital aptitude whatsoever?”  

“I’m concerned!” 

“This is very depressing!”


So we’re clear, I do not believe that this will happen overnight.  I do not believe that multi-platform books/networks will ‘take over’ the children’s industry just as I don’t believe that Kindles or Sony Readers will significantly hurt book sales in our children’s market.  Bookmakers simply want to be a part of this emerging genre.  They want to be on the front lines of something new and exciting.  One or two popular books in this genre could mean big earnings for a mid-sized publisher, so they have to entertain the ideas and plans and ideas into motion.  


Just the other day, my husband was speaking with a senior editor who thought it was high time for a resurgence of children’s book classics – Three Pigs and Billy Goats, for instance.  Our industry has strayed far away from ‘classic.’  Kids need modern tellings of these old tales. 

So don’t despair, just be aware!  And embrace what’s new as you find your path in this industry. 

Thank you!




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