Knitting quietly…

I’ve been working on some mini-pieces. They are called ACEO’s, which stands for Artist Cards – Editions and Originals. The size is always 2.5 x 3.5. Here is one of my most recent pieces. I picture this particular  knitting doggie listening to (and sometimes looking up to watch a snippet of) the old TV show “Murder, She Wrote”. Do you get that mood from her, too?
Hope you enjoy!


Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! my name is Natalia.  I am one of the artists who Tugeau2 represents, and it’s great!. I live in Lima, Peru, with my boyfriend -who is photographer and graphic designer- we both workfreelance so we are always at home. I started working as illustrator when my painting studies at the Fine Arts School ended and instantly liked it!

Nicole asked me how my country was, so i’ll tell you a little. Peru as many countries in South America, has a mixture of Catholic and native culture. Most of the people are Catholic and we celebrate a lot of holidays related with that belief. About food, we love our traditional cuisine, is very particular and really diverse, it’s based on corn and several different kind of potatoes (we have a variety of over a thousand!) on the highlands and on fish all over the coastal cities. i particularly love the latter and use to go on summer vacation (january) to a city nearby where you can find a lot of fish based dishes. unfortunately this year my boyfriend and i had some health issues and had to spent that time at home, so we used those weeks to check some really nice illustrated books and such.

i’ll be sharing with you more details of my culture soon!

on the picture: my father had a brief trip to the U.S. about 3 weeks ago and brought me some wonderful books: “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Pop-Up Book”, “Frida” by Ana Juan, “Wolves in the Walls” by Dave McKean and “The Wizard, The Ugly, and the Book of Shame” by Pablo Bernasconi … “The Night Eater” by Ana Juan never arrived!…oh, and he also brought me some acrylic inks that in Peru are almost impossible to find!. 🙂

Little changes add up

I had been working on an illustration for my weekly post at the PBJ’s. I really liked how it was coming along, so I started compiling ideas of ways to improve the picture. I implemented these changes and I think they have really improved the piece aesthetically as well as from a narrative standpoint. I’d love to hear what you think!

Version 1

Revised version

Part deux

Good Night Kitty Cat © Kathy Weller
Here’s that kitty cat again… this time, she is ready for bed. I have prints available of these two and other new little paintings in my Etsy store. Hope you enjoy!

Painting for fun

I’ve been doing some paintings, just to creatively ‘loosen up’ a little.
Here is one of the pieces. This also has a companion piece which I will post at a later date! Hope you enjoy the work!