Hittin the streets… edited

Whoops! That first post of mine wasn’t really finished. Didn’t mean for it to get submitted, my bad.

Ok anyways, to continue the thoughts started there, I was thinking about packing up my trusty portfolio and brushing up on on my pronunciation of the mysterious silent “u” in words like colour and flavour and then seeing if impresses any of those euro folk. I mean, I even really like the original british “The Office” TV show, which is only eclipsed by Ricky Gervais’ follow up, “Extras”. So I already have a head start on the british humour.

I wondered if we could hear from some of our fellow illustrators who might have any sort of experience with publishers outside of the US. I’m specifically curious about the UK and finding out if it even seems like a good idea to visit their offices there. Have other artists tried it and how did it go? I’m a little rusty on my geography and wondered if there was any sort of NY city equivalent where a lot of publishing houses are gathered fairly close by and would be a good central point of attack? If anyone has some stories of experiences outside of the UK too though those would surely be nice to hear as well. I ain’t picky.

So yeah, any thoughts, stories, insights are welcome fodder for conversation

PS, I don’t know how the formatting of this post will come out. No matter what I try when composing it, when I hit preview it all runs together with no paragraph breaks. Ah well.


One Response to Hittin the streets… edited

  1. carolkoeller says:

    Okay, my comments are based on experience of a long time ago, but there might be something useful..

    I was at the Bologna bookfair a LOOOOOOONG time ago, and I lived in Germany for over a year, but I still like to glance at European children’s books when I have the chance, and check out Bologna…

    The color palette is different (it was in the 80s and still is today, methinks)–America tends toward super-saturated bright color; Europe–not so much. The work at Bologna tends to be somewhat experimental–some of the exhibitors are very recent art school grads. Look carefully at the sort of stories that do well in England and Europe. In the 80’s, folk and fairy tales were still a significant part of their culture. Maybe not so much today; I don’t know. If your art is compatible color-wise and story-wise, go for it!

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