Let’s Get Going

Hello T2 Artists and fellow creatives who are visiting this new T2 Blog for the first time.  Welcome.

My name is Nicole Tugeau, and I’m the agent behind the fantastic T2 Team. 

I’m a green blogger.  This is my first post….ever. 

But I’m not a luddite.  No way.  In fact, my husband, Jeremy, calls my Blackberry my “boyfriend.”  Yes, I’m one of those annoying people who is always working, compulsively checking emails, and typing away on that silly little pad or my roaming laptop.  But such is my life as a Mom of two young children and working agent.  Technology has afforded me a lot of headaches, but it has also provided me with a lot of flexibility.  I’m a huge fan.  

I guess blogging isn’t ‘technology,’ per se.  It’s more a byproduct of people + technology.  Or, better, the ART of people + technology.  Like I said, I’m a newbe, but the blogs I’ve been reading lately have been really, really funny, extremely smart, and very entertaining.  Others have been odd, boring, and uninformative.  But that’s the point!  We all gravitate to the blog (the art) of our liking.

My vision for the T2 Blog is….well, a community of sorts.  Up and to this point, I wasn’t convinced that I had the time to write and support a daily, weekly, or even monthly post.  It was the artist, Carol Koeller, who one day questioned whether or not we’d ‘all’ (as in the whole team of T2 Artists) have the opportunity to post on the T2 Blog.  There was an idea!  I would no longer have to conversate with myself.  I wouldn’t have to ask the artists to submit conversation ideas, news items, illustrations, etc.  I wouldn’t have ‘something else’ to mangae or remember to do.  We could all ‘blog on’ — the 30+ of us — and with any luck, we’d have a rich exchange of artistic ideas, experiences, thoughts, art, information, questions, and converstaions.

I fancy myself a bit of a writer, and I’m passionate about this industry.  So I hope to contribute to this blog my perspective and experience as an art agent working in children’s publishing.  Keeping in mind this is a very public forum, I obviously won’t be giving up my secret clients or revealing information about book deals and hot assignments (that would be one way to gain popularity!).  But I’m sure I’ll stumble upon many general experiences that are appropriate for sharing.  I’m also a mother, wife, and entrepreneur, and I run the T2 Agency from the 3rd floor suite of our 100-year-old Victorian home – there is enough meat in all of that to blog for eternity – so you’ll be hearing from me.  

T2 Artists: I encourage you to start blogging.  I’ve created three categories for posts and I belive they are self-explanatory:

Say Anything

Technical 411/ 911

Aritst Announcements

As acting Site Administrator, I will have to review your posts before they go live (please give me 1-3 days).  Mostly, this is a function to help distribute timing.  For instance, if an artist posts information about their big book singing, I woudn’t want that information to get buried by three new posts within the first 10 minutes of going live.  

Please let me know if you have any quesitons.

Three cheers for the T2 Blog. 

Let’s get going!



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